The Little Dreams Foundation is a charitable agency established under Swiss law, whose headquarters are located at Chemin du Centenaire, 5 in 1008 Prilly (Switzerland) and which was created in February 2000 by Orianne Collins and Phil Collins. Different international offshoots of the Foundation exist. Even if they may be legally independent, they all must nevertheless respect a set of obligations with respect to the Swiss “mother agency”, namely, respect for the statutes and contracts that connect the foundation to the kids, but also respect for the objectives, values, and activities. These offshoots must also comply with the graphic charter (logos, website, …) chosen by the “mother agency”.


The offshoots of Little Dreams are the following:

Little Dreams Europe:

C/o Ixos Groupe Rue Egide Van Ophem 40C
1180 Brussels – Belgium


Little Dreams Americas:

90 Northeast 39th Street
Miami FL 33137 – USA


Little Dreams Africa:

C/o Fès Country Club
Complexe Sportif El Merja
30020 Fez – Morocco


Reminder of Our Foundation’s Objectives

The Foundation’s objective is to help children and adolescents who have a gift or talent but no financial means to fulfill their dreams in the artistic and athletic domains and to promote excellence through education, art, and sports.


Presentation of the Foundation

The Foundation is structured in 3 dream worlds (Art, Music, Sports). In each of these Worlds, Little Dreams strives to offer to young hopefuls, between the ages of 3 and 16 (except in particular cases), a personalized education and quality program in order to give them the means to achieve their dreams and thus allow them to perhaps one day live from their passion. In order to carry out its mission, Little Dreams has the opportunity to count on the support of Sponsors as well as that of technical Advisors. To date, the Little Dreams Foundation has helped close to 200 young people of different nationalities.


Presentation of the Foundation’s Programs

The Little Dreams Foundation is linked to the young talent by a one-year contract, renewable each year based on his or her progress and motivation. Thanks to the partnership and collaboration that the Foundation has with different federations and associations, educational centers, public educational establishments both state and private, and different organisms, it offers to the young hopeful the tools necessary for his/her professional education and the assurance of pursuing their passion.


Our Values

The Little Dreams Foundation undertakes to defend and promote a whole set of sports and human values. It expects the same commitment from its international offshoots, its collaborators, donors, and Sponsors that support it, but also – and above all – from the Kids who wave high the flag of the Foundation.
These values are:


1. Fair-play

Accept the truth in sport, always follow “fair-play,” never cheat, rig, never feign. Absolutely reject any kind of doping, collusion, corruption, or manipulation of results. Commit to never undermine in any way the precious source of physical and moral health that sports offer.


2. Respect

By respect, we mean respect for the rules of the sport being played, both in the letter and in spirit, respect for the referees and refereeing, respect for the adversary, without whom the sport would not exist. Maintain decency under all circumstances by prohibiting any kind of contempt or vulgarity. These prohibitions are not at all contradictory to the will, tenacity, nor to the relentlessness in pursuit of victory. By respect we also mean respect for the public: being straightforward and frank; not presenting aggressive or excessive demonstrations, but knowing how to share one’s emotions with the public; always giving one’s all; accepting interviews and meetings.


3. Self-control and surpassing oneself

Assume self-control as a supreme value. Never respond to provocations, remain clear-headed, calm down those who allow themselves to get carried away. Exercise self-control and put your creative energy at the service of the sports community. Seek endlessly to push your limits. Be generous in the effort and persevere in order to better your physical and moral qualities. You should also promote team spirit, as it constitutes the base of solidarity and self-sacrifice, even in individual sports.


4. Joy in sports

Sports are a source of joy. They bring about unique feelings and emotions. The encounters and friendships made on the field are some of the most beautiful and solid. Sports must be experienced as a great joy, commensurate to what they bring. Respecting all of these values is in no way an obstacle, but rather an effective way of drawing a profound feeling of thriving and progressing from sports.


Our objectives:

To help children in their quest for excellence through art, music, or sports.
Our activities:


1. Awarding Scholarships to the Kids The Little Dreams Foundation awards scholarships to young talents that it has chosen to support. These scholarships are used to pay for personalized programs, established by taking into account the youth’s age, place of residence, capacities, and personality.
The sports scholarship will be used to cover:


1. Sports equipment
2. Classes
3. Club fees
4. Registration fees for tournaments
5. Internships abroad
6. A trainer
7. Travel expenses for tournaments

The artistic scholarship will be used to cover:
1. Rehearsals in a professional music studio
2. Classes
3. Stage clothing
4. Travel expenses abroad (concerts, etc.)
5. Hotel costs in case of travel
6. Musical instruments
7. Internships abroad


2. Technically advising the Kids We highlight that the personalized program of each youth is established with the collaboration of Technical Advisors and other Foundation members involved, with monitoring being undertaken by the latter.