Founded in year 2000 by Orianne and Phil Collins, the Little Dreams Foundation’s mission is to fulfill the dreams of young talents with no financial means.

The Foundation provides training and advices from professional/celebrity mentors to children with talent in music, art and sports.
The foundation continues to guide and support the Little Dreamers in their development to ensure they are trained and prepared to perform at the highest level in their chosen field.

Many professional artists, musicians and athletes have been formed through the foundation’s work. With ongoing special projects, a soccer school in Zimbabwe and a tennis and athletic academy in Morocco, they are helping children locally.

In order to reach its mission, the Little Dreams Foundation is helped by numerous Godparents and technical advisors.
Now with offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland and the United States, they are closer to the children.

Facts and Benefits for the Sponsors

– LDF has been in Europe since February 2000, and relocated in Miami in 2013
– Phil Collins, Ldf Co-Foundrer has more than 4.5 million social media followers
LDF has a 250’000+mailing list
– LDF provides mentoring in 3 areas:
Music, Arts and Sports
– Celebrity Mentors include Phil Collins, Romero Britto (164k followers on social media), Frida (ABBA), Lara Fabian, Tina Turner, etc.
– Seminars and Workshops with
LDF Mentors and participants
– Red carpet Premieres and Concerts, including the annual Gala Show 2014:
Dreaming on the Beach