Date de naissance : 04/03/2005
Modèle : –
Objectif : –
Discipline : Piano
Nicolas Comi was born in March 2005 in Geneva. Nicolas has been playing piano since the age of five. He is passionate about his instrument, the piano, as well as, composing music. Nicolas began his LDF adventure in December 2016. His dream is to become the best classical pianist in the world. He is currently the youngest student retained at the professional music school “Conservatoire de Genève”. The classes taught at the Conservatoire bring Nicolas musical growth as well as a great atmosphere which he has enjoyed ever since he was little. Nicolas’ parents are also musicians. He was noticed during his visit to P’tit Music’ Hohl for the Festival of the French-speaking Academy where Jean Ziegler, the winner of the French-speaking Academy noticed Nicolas and he congratulated for his talents. Nicolas has experienced “snowball effect” of success on his musical career due to his recent win at the classical music competition in Geneva. He holds 19 titles of great classical competitions and he was elected best young pianist at the 2020 Swiss Beethoven and Mozart competition.